Welcome to Cambridge International Qualifications

Cambridge International Qualifications (CIQ) is a professional awarding organisation incorporated in the UK. CIQ aims to develop and accredit qualifications which meets the ongoing needs of learners and the corporate  sector ensuring  individuals have access to  opportunities for personal and professional development.

CIQ has gained a reputation for the high-quality support services provided to the education sector. We work with Schools, Colleges, Universities, and corporate bodies as well as  Government agencies to  provide relevant, effective, and flexible programmes. Our qualification and assessment framework is up-to-date, result oriented and meet the defined values as per international standards. CIQ qualifications are approved for progression  to higher qualifications offered by International Universities  around the globe.

The CIQ qualification and assessment framework has been developed in consultation with leaders from various corporate bodies, government agencies, and Universities around the world. CIQ programmes are frequently assessed to enhance quality and   ensure  they are  relevant for the rapidly changing global  market as well as career opportunities for ambitious individuals .  The CIQ Qualification and assessment framework  is available   throughout   the world and may be accessed  via our “Approved Centre Network”.

Every learner has access to  the most modern and advanced Learning Management System, e-library, Lecture Videos, Multimedia Presentations etc.  and CIQ continues to invest in the latest technology to enhance the learning experience.