Diploma in Business Administration

This qualification helps learners to gain a comprehensive understanding of business or plan to transition to a position that requires knowledge of global business principles. The Diploma in Business Administration introduces the concepts and practices needed to succeed in businesses today. This is a CIQ Level 3 qualification as per the CIQ Qualification credit framework.


This program is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity and expects its faculty and students to exhibit exemplary conduct in this regard.

The following are the aims of the programme:

The following are the aims of the programme: 

  • To provide an opportunity for students to develop a general grasp of business administrative functions
  • To prepare students practically for the effective performance in their place of work/employment
  • To develop in students an understanding of the issues of general management and business administration
  • Learners shall acquire basic understanding in areas such as accounting and finance, human resources and management
  • The Learner will  build skills and confidence as he creates business plans and works as an integral part of a multi-cultural team
  • To prepare and cultivate students in all fields of business administration to manage the day to day activities around the business.


Diploma Programme in Business Administration is a four unit qualification and all the units are mandatory to attain this qualification. In order to pass each unit, the learner should meet all the learning outcome criteria.

Unit-1: Nature of Business Organizations – 15 Credits

Learning Outcomes:

LO-1: Understand the different types of organization and their ownership structure

LO-2: Understand how the organizations are structured to achieve their key objectives

LO-3: Understand the influence of economic factors in business environment

LO-4: Understand how environmental factors impact on business

Unit-2: Principles of Management – 15 Credits

Learning Outcomes:

LO-1: Study organization context for executing managerial actions of planning, organizing and controlling the business processes.

LO-2: Assess different situations which include opportunities and threats that impact management on the organization.

LO-3: Integrate the different management principles into daily practices.

LO-4: Assess managerial practices relative to ethical principles and standards.

Unit-3: Human Resource Management- 15 Credits

Learning Outcomes:

LO-1: Understanding factors that are involved in human resource planning in organisations

LO-2: Understanding the process of recruitment and selection

LO-3: Understand the application of performance management

LO-4: Understand the role of HR in training and development

Unit 4: Marketing Management -15 Credits

Learning Outcomes:

LO-1: Understand the role of marketing in organisations

LO-2: Understand different types of marketing models

LO-3: Be able to develop an effective marketing plan

LO-4: Be able to conduct market research activities


The following grading criteria will be applicable for the PG Diploma level grading

Marks Grade
70 to 100 Distinction
60 to 69 Merit
50 to 59 Pass
40 to 49 Fail with Re-sit
0 to 39 Fail with Retake


This is a standalone qualification developed by CIQ with an objective to equip the learner with adequate knowledge to work in business administration segment. However, this qualification may consider further higher education to the higher national diploma or similar bachelor degree programs subject to the discretion of the respective universities or awarding bodies. To know more details about the progression options after this qualification, please mail to progression@ciqawards.com