PG Extended Diploma in Business Management
(Specialisation Pathways) 

The CIQ level 7 Postgraduate Extended diploma in Business Management provides transferable skills, knowledge and understanding that can be applied in the highly competitive and evolving business setting of the present day. The units are aligned to National Occupational Standards for business and represent the core attributes required by employers in a range of business settings. The students will be able to choose multiple pathways leading to different domains of specialisation and also eligible for applying for an
MBA (top-up) with specialisation.

Aims and Objectives of this qualification

This qualification aims to provide learners with:

  • An understanding of the essential skills required to work successfully in the Business management sector
  • The tools to prepare learners intellectually and practically for effective performance in their place of work / employment.
  • The skills required to solve problems in a business environment
  • The readiness to manage the various organizations on a scientific basis and to hold leading managerial positions.
  • An understanding of business culture and responsibilities in the various domains of business management
  • The ability to successfully communicate and work with others in a business environment
  • The opportunity to develop the skills required to manage and improve their own performance in a business environment.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the Business and Management domains.

Course Structure and Modules

To be awarded the Level 7 Postgraduate Extended Diploma in Business Management, the learners are required to complete all four modules from the CORE section (80 credits) and two modules from the chosen specialisation pathway (40 credits)

Core section

The core section for this PG Extended Diploma award consists of four modules which are

  • CIQGM703 – Strategic Change Management (20 credits)
  • CIQGM705 – Strategic Management and Leadership (20 credits)
  • CIQGM702 – Operations Management (20 credits)
  • CIQGM701 – International Human Resource Management (20 credits)
Specialisation pathways

The PG Extended Diploma in Business Management has twelve specialisation pathways and each pathway consists of two modules.

HR and Organisational Psychology

  • CIQGM720 – Strategic Human Resource Development
  • CIQGM721 – Work and Organisational Psychology

Accounting and Finance

  • CIQGM707 – Management Accounting and Finance
  • CIQGM719 – Financial Risk Management


  • CIQGM704 – International Marketing Management
  • CIQGM722– Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Channels

Energy and Sustainability

  • CIQGM723– Sustainable Energy Management
  • CIQGM724– 21 st Century globalisation

Healthcare Management

  • CIQHC701 – Healthcare Management and Leadership
  • CIQHC702 – Healthcare Operation Management

Supply Chain, Shipping and Logistics Management

  • CIQGM732 – Strategic Supply Chain and logistics management
  • CIQGM733 – International Supply Chain planning, design and Implementation

Operations and Project Management

  • CIQGM732 – Strategic Supply Chain and logistics management
  • CIQGM715 – Strategic Project Management and Implementation

International Business

  • CIQGM704 – International Marketing Management
  • CIQGM724 – 21 st century globalisation

Engineering Management

  • CIQGM725 – Engineering Management
  • CIQGM724– 21 st Century globalisation

Information Technology

  • CIQGM726 – Information security Management
  • CIQGM727 – IT strategy and Management

Global Banking and Finance

  • CIQGM728 – Retail, Commercial & corporate banking
  • CIQGM729 – Financial markets, institutions and instruments

Health and safety leadership

  • CIQGM730 – Enterprise Risk Management
  • CIQGM731 – Health and Safety leadership essentials

Eligibility Criteria

Students seeking admission to the course may have to fulfil the following

  • A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline
  • Proficiency in English language equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or more


Upon successful completion of PG Extended Diploma in Business Management, the students will be able to progress to the final stage of MBA programme awarded by Universidad Catalica de Murcia (UCAM), Spain. The is MBA is delivered by Exeed School of Business and Finance, please contact for the progression details and admission.