Diploma in International Business & Strategy

Diploma in International Business & Strategy is a SCQF Level 11 programme.


The aim of this programme is to equip learners with the knowledge of how the major business management functions of an organisation operate and of the current and innovative management theories and research methodologies which can be effectively applied at work whilst in a senior role


This course contains 6 mandatory modules which carries 20 credits each. The learner should complete all the module successfully to attain this qualification.

Unit No. Module Name SCQF Levele Credit
01 Operations and Project Management 10 20
02 Accounting for Next Generation Leaders 10 20
03 Healthcare Management & Leadership 10 20
04 Data Analytics in Business Processes 10 20
07 Strategic Leadership and HR Practices in Organisations 11 20
08 Sustainability and Business 11 20
09 International Marketing Management 11 20
10 Strategic Management 11 20
11 Health Operations Management 11 20
12 Supply Chain & Logistics in Global Context 11 20
13 Strategic Supply Chain & Logistics Management 11 20
14 Application of Business Analytics 11 20


The following grading criteria will be applicable for the PG Diploma level grading

Marks Grade
70 to 100 Distinction
60 to 69 Merit
50 to 59 Pass
40 to 49 Fail with Re-sit
0 to 39 Fail with Retake


Successful students of PG Advanced Diploma will be eligible for MBA top-up with Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU), Italy. The students may have to complete a Research Project/Dissertation to qualify for the MBA International Business (IMBA) certification. This top-up programme of GMU is been offered in association with Westford School of Management, UAE and the students wish to apply for the top-up need to contact directly with Westford  through progression@westford.org.uk