Advanced Diploma in Healthcare Management 

Advanced Diploma in International Healthcare Management is a CIQ Level 7 programme which is Master level qualification with 120 CIQ Level 7 credits. This course gives the learner with an in-depth knowledge in strategic level in general as well as in the healthcare industry context. Successful learner will develop the ability to work in Senior Managerial/ Strategic roles in the healthcare industry, globally.


This program is committed to the highest standards of academic integrity and expects its faculty and students to exhibit exemplary conduct in this regard.

The following are the aims of the programme:

  • To provide an opportunity for students to develop a general grasp of business related knowledge in organisational management.
  • To prepare students intellectually and practically for effective performance in healthcare industry
  • To develop in students an understanding of the issues of management and business processes including the interrelationship between the core functional areas of an organisations, relative to particular sectors whether public or private.
  • To develop specialised knowledge in a particular field of business in Healthcare industry to enable learner to assume greater specialisation in their place of employment.
  • To develop an awareness of the problems confronted by organisations and businesses especially in healthcare industry in a global context and to equip them with the means to solve problems.
  • To prepare and cultivate students in all fields of general business administration to manage the various organizations on a scientific basis and to hold leading managerial positions.


This course contains 6 mandatory modules which carries 20 credits each. The learner should complete all the module successfully to attain this qualification.

Module Code Unit No. Module Name Credit
CIQGM701 01 International Human Resource Management 20
CIQGM702 02 Operation Management 20
CIQGM703 03 Strategic Change Management 20
CIQGM704 04 International Marketing Management 20
CIQ7HC101 07 Healthcare Management and Leadership 20
CIQ7HC102 08 Healthcare Operations Management 20


The following grading criteria will be applicable for the PG Diploma level grading

Marks Grade
70 to 100 Distinction
60 to 69 Merit
50 to 59 Pass
40 to 49 Fail with Re-sit
0 to 39 Fail with Retake


Successful students of PG Advanced Diploma will be eligible for MBA top-up with Guglielmo Marconi University (GMU), Italy. The students may have to complete a Research Project/Dissertation to qualify for the MBA International Business (IMBA) certification. This top-up programme of GMU is been offered in association with Westford School of Management, UAE and the students wish to apply for the top-up need to contact directly with Westford  through